Simon Says
By Sarah W
Jul 1, 2007 - 4:12:00 PM

Dakota Dream has a simple job to do. Convince SBC fighter and legend Simon Evans to meet his biological father. If only reality could be as simple as the situation. Simon’s biological father, Barnaby Jailer, a man who walked out on Simon and his mom when Simon was a baby, suddenly wants to reconnect with Simon. Barnaby will not tell Dakota why, but she is sure there is some nefarious purpose behind it. After all, that is the kind of man Barnaby is.

When Simon spots Dakota at the gym watching him train, all he sees is a beautiful woman who he would not mind getting in bed. Ever since he discovered his girlfriend of five years had cheated on him, Simon has been avoiding females to say the least. Dakota though, he cannot avoid. She is flirty and funny, really understands the SBC, and is definitely not afraid of a little sparring, personal and in the ring. But when he hears why she has sought him out, he is angry and confused. Simon wants nothing to do with Barnaby; therefore he knows he has to put Dakota out of his mind. But she is not willing to be beaten that easily. Dakota has her own reasons as to why she needs Simon to visit Barnaby. The situation becomes even more complicated as the attraction grows and as an enemy starts trying to hurt Dakota. Simon may be a professional, but when it comes to the woman he is starting to think of as “his woman,” he is as primitive as the next man. Will Simon and Dakota be able to elude the danger, and get Barnaby out of both of their lives?

Lori Foster has another winner on her hands! Simon and Dakota are pure fun as they fall in love. Both are strong individuals who have had their share of hard knocks. Luckily, neither is afraid of giving their heart, though they are definitely wary at first. The SBC training Simon is going through adds a lot of light-hearted hilarity to this story, and the many secondary fighters that pepper this story add even more sex appeal. Of course, it is Simon and Dakota who steal the show. Dakota is a good friend and a strong ally with everything Simon does. But more importantly, they champion each other. This is a great story of two unique fighters, one by profession and one by life circumstances, who find acceptance, love and happiness in each other’s arms.

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