Simon Says Mommy

Author: Kay Stockham

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: September 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Megan Rose has repeatedly found herself the target of the most brutal  of life’s hard knocks. Having suffered at the hands of an abusive husband, struggled her way through a bitter divorce, and finding herself extremely ill and living in her car, Megan makes her way to her sister’s home.  She’s hopeful that Jenn will set aside their past differences and let her stay long enough to regain her strength and attempt to mend their damaged relationship.  When Jenn wants no part of Megan and refuses to let her stay, Jenn’s brother in law, Ethan Tulane, takes Megan home with him and his recently adopted son, Simon.  Megan never dreamed she would find herself being cared for by the incredibly handsome surgeon, or in turn, caring for his young son.

Ethan Tulane’s sole purpose in life seemed to be attaining the position of Chief of Surgery.  When he was passed over for the position, he went to Niger with Doctors Without Borders where he fell in love with a young orphaned boy and decided to adopt him. After Ethan returns home and is named interim Chief of Surgery, he quickly finds himself in over his head.  Taking pity on the very ill Megan, Ethan takes her home and doctors her back to good health. When she’s back on her feet, he offers her the position as live-in caregiver for Simon.  Being fond of Simon, and thinking that staying on with Ethan will keep her in close proximity to her sister, enabling her to work on renewing their sisterly bond, she accepts his offer. The last thing Ethan or Megan expects is the attraction between them that quickly becomes heated, or the way Simon instantly connects with Megan.


Kay Stockham has once again given readers a beautiful love story.  Megan and Ethan aren’t your typical romance characters.  Megan has the baggage of a difficult childhood, an abusive marriage and a strained relationship with her sister.  Ethan is without a doubt one of the good guys, but his need for total organization and perfection has put almost every aspect of his life on a collision course.  Seeming the most unlikely pair, Megan and Ethan couldn’t be more perfect for each other.  SIMON SAYS MOMMY comes with my very highest recommendation.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Laurie

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