Simply Irresistible
By Claudia McRay
Apr 1, 2005 - 11:32:00 AM

Maggie Morgan left home to get away from an overbearing family and moved to another state.  She teaches third grade and has a boyfriend who hates their very vanilla sex life.  She believes she's in love and willing to do whatever it takes to please this man.

Steven Dalton is involved in an underground BDSM club that also deals in porn flicks.  He is, in fact, indebted to the man who owns the club and has been given orders to bring in new girls.  Steve is less than subtly trying to train Maggie into submitting to him.  He convinces her to go out of the apartment dressed scantily, wearing a coat and pretend she's a prostitute.  He convinces her that this is one way to improve their sex life.  She agrees.  Unfortunately, a policeman is close by and observing what he believes to be a real pick-up and approaches them.

Steven vanishes, taking her coat and identification.  He leaves her to fight her own battles with the police department.  Maggie is unable to convince Officer Case Roberts that what he witnessed wasn't real and he arrests her for solicitation.  Maggie is totally humiliated by what has happened to her. 

Case has second thoughts once he's put her behind bars.  He goes back over her story and begins to believe that she just might be telling the truth.  He pays her bail and takes her home.

Someone tells the school officials about Maggie's weekend misadventure and on Monday morning she's fired.  They give her no opportunity to explain.  Without a job and determined to clear her name, Maggie agrees to help Case bring down the BDSM club.  She agrees to undergo submissive training so that she and Case will appear to be real Dom and slave. The story from there takes a few interesting turns with people not being what they claim and drawing Maggie and Case further into a web of lies, deceit and danger.

Follow these two as they work together trying to put the owners of the club behind bars, searching out every avenue available and gathering as much concrete information as possible.

SIMPLY IRRISTIBLE was a fast-paced read.  The story is plausible and the characters quite believable.  The love that grows between Maggie and Case is ever present making this a recommended read.  The sex and some of the scenes in the club are quite graphic.  This book is not recommended for anyone under eighteen.  Lucynda Storey goes on my auto-buy list.

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