Simply Wonderful

Author: Joan Hohl

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Inc.

Release Date: September 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: print

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BREEZE OFF THE OCEAN is the story of Wolf Renninger a rich playboy who always gets what he wants, that is until he met Micki Durrant. Micki was only nineteen when she met Wolf for the first time, and was instantly attracted to him. One night Micki is attacked and nearly raped, but Wolf showed up just in time to save her. After he comes to her rescue, he takes her to his boat where they spend an entire weekend making love. Micki was head over heels in love with Wolf and could not wait to see him again, but Micki’s world came crashing down when she overheard her stepmother and Wolf having a private conversation. Running from her feelings for Wolf and her stepmothers deceit Micki leaves Ocean City. Now six years later Micki is back and Wolf wants to pick up where they left off. Micki has no intention of getting her heart broken again and thought after six years she was over him, but one touch from Wolf showed her, just how wrong she was.

WHILE THE FIRES RAGE is the story of Brett Renninger, Wolf’s younger brother. Brett has looked up to Wolf his entire life; anything Wolf had Brett wanted, but did that also include his mistress? When Brett’s mother called to tell him that Wolf had been in a serious car accident and she needed Brett to take over running Wolf’s region of the family business, Brett didn’t hesitate to help. When Micki came to Brett for help he could not believe what she was asking. Micki wanted Brett to find out if Wolf’s assistant, JoAnne Lawrence was really Wolf’s mistress.


Brett had no trouble convincing Micki that JoAnne was not Wolf’s mistress, but convincing himself was another thing. One look at the beautiful JoAnne and Brett was instantly attracted to her. As Brett and JoAnne work together their attraction for each other becomes more and more obvious. As hard as Brett tries to fight it he know that JoAnne is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, even if he has to fight Wolf for her. Can Brett convince JoAnne to give up Wolf and give him a chance instead?


SIMPLY WONDERFUL is two beautifully written stories in one great book. Wolf and Brett are two strong characters with a lot to learn about love and Micki and JoAnne are just the women to teach them. With a lot of romance and spice Joan Hohl as done a great job in creating the perfect romance book.




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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