Sin In Jeans
By pamelalynne
Dec 25, 2008 - 4:02:17 PM

In SIN IN JEANS, a middle aged woman, named Dale, pulls over for the day. She is exhausted and looking for a meal and a bed. A blonde woman, crossing the parking lot in front of her, barely misses being hit by a car. Luckily, Dale sees it ahead of time and launches herself at the woman, removing her from the car's path. The woman gives Dale a stone, thanks her for saving her life, and walks off leaving Dale contemplating something she has said. Dale continues on into the lobby of the motel to get settled in and inquire about food. She goes out to grab a bite and settles down to have a drink at the bar, when a good-looking man bumps into her.

Ty is a man out of a bad relationship and isn't really looking to start another. When Dale walks in, he is immediately arrested by her good looks and despite warning bells going off in his head, he makes his way toward her. He asks her to join him for a meal and some conversation. One thing leads to another and they go back to the motel together. After a night of heat and passion, Ty isn't ready to give this gorgeous woman up just yet. He has to attend to some business in the morning, but doesn't want to end it there. Is their meeting merely fate?

Love scenes were Hot, Hot, Hot! I truly enjoyed the sexual tension between Dale and Ty that emerged upon their first meeting. Pure, raw, and sensual. I think there may have been some drooling as I was reading. This was a truly captivating read. Dale was one strong and sexy woman and Ty was even hotter. Ms. Stone has done an amazing job with this story. I really enjoyed the bit about The Hussies at the beginning as well. It definitely set the tone for the story and I think I just might be one of them.

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