Sin of the Past
By Lacey
Feb 5, 2009 - 2:57:09 PM

Sara is a divorcee coming from a loveless marriage that wasted years of her life. Upon meeting a friend at a restaurant, she receives a present from her friend that encourages her to start living her life instead of running away from it.  The perfect person to help her just so happens to be a few tables away.

Cein could not believe his luck.  The very woman that broke his heart years ago walked back into his life free and clear of her disastrous marriage.  After spotting her car broken down on the highway, Cein decides fate has given him a second chance and he would not pass it up.


What happened as a quick reunion leads to steamy passion between the two. Both risked their hearts and it was only a matter of time before they found out if heartbreak was in their future or if their reunion happened to be the best thing of their lives.


I love the depth of sexual tension laced throughout SIN OF THE PAST.  L. A. Day is a fabulous author that gives her readers exactly what they want; a steaming hot story full of passion and love.  I liked the characters immediately and could not stop reading this page-turning story.  A wonderful read!

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