Sincerely Yours
By Carol
Apr 10, 2006 - 10:06:00 AM

Lately, Sabrina has been downright short tempered with everyone including her husband. She's longing for something, anything to bring the spark back into their marriage. A visit to her grandparents' house may be just the thing.

Grandmother takes out an old scrapbook filled with things she has collected through the years. Inside are the letters two young people in love had exchanged during World War II. It is essentially the love story of Katrina and Danny. Who are they and what purpose will these letters serve to Sabrina? Will they teach her a valuable secret about love?


When the letters from Danny abruptly end, Katrina is riddled with worry. The life Danny had envisioned for them and prayed to God to grant them is threatened as months go by with no word. When a letter arrives months later, what news will it bring? Will Danny return to Katrina or has the young man met a tragic end?


This tender novella is the sweetest love story I have read in a long time. I literally cried through it while reading those letters of two young people fervently in love. SINCERELY YOURS is a heartwarming story that does give one pause to consider just what the secret of love is. Rebecca Goings has a heart of gold and it shines through in her writing. Everything I have read from her has always been extraordinary. She is truly an inspirational writer.

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