By Natasha Smith
Jul 12, 2006 - 6:53:00 AM

Ella Cinder is a doctor at the exclusive Cinder Gynecological Hospital.  Extremely nerdy and at times accident prone, Ella spends her days delivering babies and her nights acting out her fantasies.  As part of an acting group that performs erotic plays, Ella is able to act out her sexual fantasies concerning a certain hunky doctor with no one being the wiser.  That is, until the night Ella looks out in the audience and sees him.  It is as if fate hands him to her because her lead actor has not shown up and when asked to help with the erotic play, Roarke agrees.  Ella thanks her lucky stars that she is wearing a mask when things seem to go too far during the play.  She knows that there is no way Roarke would ever consider having a relationship with nerdy Ella Cinder and so she vows to give herself this one night.

Dr. Roarke Stephenson sometimes wonders why he accepted the position at Cinder Gynocological Hospital.  Roarke wants to help women, not charge them outlandishly for his services.  Plus, he finds himself watching and wanting Ella Cinder, the nerdy step daughter of the hospital founder's widow.  Day after day he watches her family ridicule her and he doesn't understand why. To him, she is perfect; smart, warm, and womanly. 

Roarke is invited by a fellow colleague to attend an erotic party at his home.  Roarke only accepts so as not to appear rude.  When he arrives at the party, he finds himself spellbound by the woman on stage acting out a modern day version of a fairy tale.  When one of the troupe members asks him to fill in for an absent member, Roarke instantly accepts because the woman on stage reminds him of his female ideal; Dr. Ella Cinder.

Sinderella by Jan Springer was hot enough to make the Brothers Grimm sweat.  A delightful take on the fairy tale Cinderella, I found myself unable to stop reading this book.  The author has woven a unique tale of love and acceptance with a twist of eroticism thrown in for good measure. 

For a cute, quick tale of prince meets princess with an added touch of naughtiness, then Sinderella by Jan Springer is the book for you!

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