Sinful - Bitter Creek King's Brats, book 1
By Diana S
Jun 2, 2015 - 8:07:19 AM

King Grayhawk has finally found his son, who he has been searching for since he left home at eighteen. King makes an agreement with his son Matt that if he comes home to the Kingdom Come ranch and takes over the running of it, that it will be his after one year. Matt has one stipulation, all the brats, three girls, have to move out after the year is up. King agrees to it.

After the three young women, King's daughters and also his step-daughter, find out about the agreement, they can't believe it. They have never lived anywhere else and love the ranch. Eve is the oldest of the three and has a herd of wild mustangs she rescued in a pasture on the ranch. When her brother tells her she has to move them somewhere else she gets angry and heads to the local bar for a drink. Eve has been teased her whole life about her name, in reference to Adam and Eve, so when one of the local drunks takes her coat so she can't cover up the scenery meaning her bosom, Connor Flynn steps in to help her. Being life-long family enemies doesn't mean Connor won't help a lady when needed.

Connor Flynn is at his wits end because he is trying to get custody of his two children back from his in-laws. His wife Hope, Eve's best friend, died in a car accident while Connor was serving in Afghanistan. Connor gives custody of his kids to his in-laws while he finished his tour of duty. When he comes home and finds his in-laws won't give his kids back to him, he takes them to court. Not being able to see his kids except for supervised visits is hard on Connor. Eve Grayhawk as the kids godmother has agreed to testify on Connor's behalf because she knows her friend Hope would have wanted her to. Hope wanted her kids to be raised by their father. After the judge awards Connor custody, he needs Eve to help because he is a stranger to his kids. Eve agrees to stay at his new ranch, Safe Haven, to help with the kids until they are settled in, but only if she can bring her mustangs to his ranch for now. Safe Haven is a place for injured vets to come and try to get their lives back on track after the war. When the social worker that is assigned to Connor's case shows up at his ranch and finds Eve staying with him and the kids, Connor has to think quick and tells her they are engaged. Now Eve says they will have to get married or else the social worker will know he lied and that won't look good. Will Eve and Connor be able to make a good life for the kids' sake and find love as well?

This book is one of life's problems after the tearing apart of families because of war. I cried, laughed, and breathed a sigh of relief when the community helps a dream find its way to completion. I gave SINFUL 5 Blue Ribbons on Romance Junkies' website because this story shows that the younger generation doesn’t have to live with a feud that they didn't start and love finds a way to help them find their own happiness. I am waiting for the next novel to come out by this great author Joan Johnston. If you haven't read any books by this author I recommend them highly and you won't be sorry.

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