Sinful Treats
By Lacey
Dec 1, 2008 - 6:54:03 PM

Velvet Ice was the perfect place to celebrate a birthday.  This BDSM sex club roused curvy Kendra’s interest and she could not say no to a night out with her friends.  Dressed as a she-devil, she makes her way through the forbidden and mysterious, but a novice wandering around the third floor—the most hardcore floor—alone only promised trouble and that is exactly what she got.

Sinclair is a Dom at the club and spots Kendra immediately.  At first thought, he wanted to drag her back to the first floor where she belonged, but after seeing another Dom take her into a cubical, things went wrong.  Even after he put the wronged Dom in his place, Kendra begged to stay and he could not deny her.


Well-written and extremely erotic, Violet Summers gives her readers a glimpse of forbidden desire inside the Velvet Ice Club.  Kendra and Sin’s adventures are both naughty and entertaining, leaving the reader breathless in the end.  SINFUL TREATS is a wonderful novella that is guaranteed to spice up your night.

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