Sinfully Ever After
By Dottie
Jan 7, 2015 - 6:47:11 PM

Years ago, Rebecca Sherringham made a deal with a gambler named Lucky Luke; she would give him a kiss in exchange for her brother's gambling vowels. But rather than accept the payment, he told her he would be back to collect remuneration for the debt. Lucky Luke is not the first gambler Rebecca has had to stand up to because of her brother, and her father is no help. But since that night Rebecca's family has moved to the small village of Hawcombe Prior.

Captain Lucius "Lucky Luke" Wainwright is believed to be dead, so his brother has inherited the title and the estate. Now, very much alive, Luke shows up at his solicitors' office and discovers that his uncle made a stipulation in his will. To inherit, Luke will have to marry a decent, acceptable woman. He has no wish to marry and doesn't particularly want the title. Discovering that his very proper brother has married and is living in a small village, Luke travels to see him and discovers that Rebecca is there also.

When Rebecca first sees Luke, she believes he has come to collect his payment. But even though Luke tries to forego the kiss, she insists on it and the two are soon caught in a compromising position. To save her reputation, Luke tells everyone that they are engaged. But she is not about to marry him, especially when she discovers he lied about his true identity and the fact that he needs to marry to inherit the title and estates. She figures that if Luke inherits, his brother and his wife, Rebecca's very good friend, will suffer. She is also not about to marry this man who has ulterior motives for wedding her.

However, Luke really has fallen for Rebecca and could not care less about marrying for the title. But can he convince Rebecca of his feelings and persuade her to marry him?

An entertaining read, SINFULLY EVER AFTER, the second book in THE BOOK CLUB BELLES series, is an interesting historical romance that is not overly passionate. Still, there are scenes that display their desire for each other. Rebecca is very headstrong; she has had to be to live with her wastrel brother and her absentminded father. Luke and his brother do not have the best relationship in the beginning, but they seem to get along despite this.

A sassy heroine, a reforming rake, humor, meddling villagers, small town dynamics, scandal, gossip, romance and love intertwine in an engaging story that readers are sure to enjoy. In this tale, the five women known as the BOOK CLUB BELLES are reading SENSE AND SENSIBILITY and readers are sure to pick up on some of the similarities between the two novels. The fact that these women are not part of the ton makes for a refreshing change in this historical romance. This book can be read as a standalone, but if you enjoy it, you should also check out the first novel in this delightful series entitled ONCE UPON A KISS. I recommend this book to everyone who loves historical romance.

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