Sinfully Delicious
By Pamela Denise
Sep 1, 2009 - 1:15:10 PM

Successful chef Gabe Raeburn, owner of five restaurants around the world, has always had a passion for the culinary arts.  Gabe has never been able to find anyone who truly enjoys his fondness of bringing food into foreplay; that is until he met Cassie. Cassie Montes is a gourmet food shop owner who can’t resist the enticing tastes and aromas in the kitchen. She is a full figured woman who gave up being a size four along time ago, and gives in, instead, to the delicious concoctions she encounters.

Gabe and Cassie first meet when Gabe comes into her shop in search of spices and ingredients for his kitchen. After the first visit, he is enamored with Cassie and can’t stay away. After a few initial awkward meetings, they began dating; that was fourteen months ago. Now the couple spend most of their down time enjoying delicious dishes in the most sinful of ways. The only thing standing in the way of their happiness is Gabe’s ex. The wolf in sheep’s clothing food critic has ideas of her own, ideas that could prove fatal.



SINFULLY DELICIOUS is just as its name implies. The book starts off with a steamy encounter and the pages only get hotter. Though the plot is largely based on the smoldering chemistry between Gabe and Carmen and the love for food they share, there is a bit of suspense thrown in midway that takes things up a notch. I loved Carmen as the heroine; though a bit self-conscious, she has a fiery spirit and is a full figured woman who knows how to appreciate the things in her life. After this savory read, you’ll never look at food quite the same again.

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