Sinfully Sexy
By Julia
Dec 1, 2004 - 7:40:00 PM

Chloe is an independent woman who has been told by her grandma for many years that she should stand on her own two feet, and that men were not to be trusted. She’d taken that advice to heart, but is starting to wonder if it’s true.  She decides to let it all hang out one night by dressing sexy, just to see if she can. The night ends up a disaster, when through a series of mishaps; she almost has sex with a man in a ladies room.  It’s one of the most sensual experiences in her life, but she’s relieved that she will never have to see the man again.  Really, what could be more embarrassing than getting caught almost having sex in a ladies room? She finds out when she walks into an important meeting the next day and sees the same man.

Sterling Prescott is furious.  He’d single-handedly dragged his family company, Prescott Media, back from the brink of disaster.  When he finds out that one of his employees was going to help one of the very stations he had been trying to acquire, he fires him and goes in his place. Now all he has to do is tell the owner, Julia, the facts, and the station will be his.  He didn’t count on meeting Chloe the night before, or that she wouldn’t recognize who he was and still want him for himself last night.  When he sees her in the board room and she mistakes him for Trey Tanner, his employee, he doesn’t correct her right away.  From there, it just seems to snowball out of control…


I genuinely enjoyed SINFULLY SEXY, it had me laughing out loud at some points.  Linda Francis Lee’s use of the e-mail dialog at the beginning of the chapters was clever and funny, just how you would expect three friends to chat through the e-mail. Chloe is smart and sassy, and doesn’t back down from Sterling at all.  Linda Francis Lee managed to make me sympathize with both points of view, and it made the book even better for me.  I had a hard time putting the book down; I wanted to know what happened next. Sterling comes across as a jerk at first, but in the end I really liked his character.  Chloe’s friends and Sterling’s relatives do more than help the two get together, they are almost a story in themselves without being overly distracting. This book is part of a series, but I hadn’t read the first one and didn’t feel like I needed to in order to understand what was going on.  Linda Francis Lee is a great romantic author, and I won’t hesitate to pick up more of her work. 

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