Love Finds a Home - Sing Me Home
By Dorine Linnen
Jul 1, 2011 - 3:10:00 AM

Trying to outrun the obsessed fans chasing him through town when he gets out of his tour bus for a stroll, Jon Van Castle quickly dives under cover in some bushes, hoping for a good place to hide. Thinking he's made his grand escape, he plans to get back to his bus the quickest way possible. Using his cell phone might help, if only he'd remembered to bring it with him. He peeks over the bushes, hoping he can make a run for it, only to realize the redhead and her crazed entourage is on to him. He sees his chance as a storeowner is just opening her store after her lunch break and he shoves her inside, locking the door behind him.

Lilac (Lil) O'Malley Ryan isn't impressed by this man who bursts into her store, she's more frightened then anything, until he starts laying on the charm.  Still unsure whether she should trust him or not, she quickly packs together his purchases that may be her biggest sale of the month and hopes to never see him again.  There is one problem.  After he leaves, Lil realizes she has to make a delivery to him.  She decides to convince her sister, who is a crazed adoring fan of this superstar, to deliver it for her.


When Jon sees his children after such a long time on tour, he realizes they are being abused by their mother and comes up with a plan to get full custody.  Now all he needs is a woman to be his wife and his children's stepmother; someone to play a role until custody is finalized.  After all, he has plenty of money to pay someone for their time.


Mari, Lil's sister, delivers the book, meets Jon and is surprised he proposes within minutes of their acquaintance.  Allowing the glitz and glam to over-shadow her common sense, she accepts the proposal to the shock of her family.  Lil's family can't allow Mari to make such a grievous mistake, so they send Lil with Mari when she goes on a boat party with Jon and his band members.  How will Lil stop Mari from making the biggest mistake of her life?  Jon has a plan of his own after he finds out that Mari is just a crazed fan like his first wife, someone he will probably hurt in the end.  Lil though, she's better with his children and exactly what he's looking for....


But, Jon doesn't know the pain of Lil's past and what he'll have to do to gain her trust and love.  Can a famous musician and a small town girl find a way to make a home, get the custody of his children away from the his ex-wife and possibly find love in the process?


SING ME HOME is one of those enjoyable stories that carry you off into the heart of small town families and the idiosyncrasies that exist within them.  Jerri Corgiat has created a cast of characters that could be your next-door neighbors.  Her lighthearted way of developing some of these characters' quirky antics is just part of the fun in this book.  She kept me thoroughly entertained throughout the book and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a book about family and the love contained within that circle of people, no matter how they've lived their lives in the past.  This is the debut book for Jerri Corgiat and I look forward to many more.

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