Single White Submissive
By Xtal
Sep 3, 2005 - 9:18:00 PM


Ginny Wallace is questioning her sanity as she places a personal ad in a magazine but feels that it may be the only way to get what she wants out of a relationship. She has been searching for something that she's not been finding with any of the men that she's dated. None of them are able to fulfill her fantasies.

Mac Brodie sees something in the words Ginny has written that piques his interest more than a little. After much contemplation, Mac knows that he must contact her. Mac is about to offer Ginny more than anything in her wildest dreams.

I quite enjoyed this story, not only because of how well drawn out the characters were, but also because of how the story unfolded. I found myself empathizing with Ginny as she experienced her nervousness with Mac, and with the uncertainties of not only what a relationship between a submissive and a Dominant entails but also whether or not she is up for the challenges in such a relationship. Mac's sensitivity in dealing with Ginny was also another thing that made this story more enjoyable for me, and fit with my idea of what a good Dominant should be.

MUST LOVE MUSIC by Jennifer Dunne

Gayle is new in town and hasn't made many friends, since all she's been doing is going to work. She's hoping that there will be something in the local paper to help her out, an activity that will not only introduce new people into her life, but perhaps friendship too. With her love of music and ability to sing, she figures that getting involved in some community theatre will be just the thing. After finding a production that fits in with her skill level, she decides to amuse herself checking out the personal ads. The last thing that she expects to find is one that grabs her attention and has her feeling a need to respond.

Rikard's search for the perfect submissive may finally be at an end when Gayle responds to his personal ad. Will he be able to overcome his past to build a new future?

There is so much to recommend this story, the characters, the storyline itself, but most of all, the beauty of the Dominant/submissive relationship that Jennifer Dunne writes. In this story Ms. Dunne explores a part of BDSM that does not always make an appearance, but to me, it makes reading about this lifestyle just that much more attractive. The care that Master Rikard takes with his submissive Gayle is admirable, and more than a little sexy.

GIA IN WONDERLAND by Dominique Adair

Gia Conti was only interested in a day of relaxing, but her girlfriend took it upon herself to search the personal ads, looking for someone with Gia in mind. Gia, however, really doubts that her friend will find someone who will fit in with what she's searching for in a sexual partner. She hasn't been pursuing anything because she still feels vulnerable as she's starting her new life. When her friend tells her of an ad that seems to be written for her, she has her reservations but she knows that it's time for her to reenter the world.

Drake Whelan seems to be everything that Gia needs from a Dominant and with him she feels that she can finally take a chance on love. Will her feelings for him be able to overcome the secrets he's keeping from her?

With plenty of suspense and sensuality, this story was captivating. Dominique Adair has a way of drawing out the suspense of the story. The scenes between Gia and Drake are written in such a way that I found them to be quite stimulating. The relationship between Dominant and submissive in this story was an interesting one and another unique look at the BDSM lifestyle.

Each of these stories affords the reader with some titillating reading and a wonderful opportunity to explore the writing styles of these authors. This anthology is a wonderful collection of exceptional storytelling and will be one that will stay in my 'keeper' stack

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