Sins of the Past
By Christina
Sep 18, 2007 - 11:24:50 AM

Ryan is an architect whose last real relationship ended badly. Ryan is tired of the club scene.   He decides it's time to give a relationship another try. This is why he agrees to be set up on a blind date. The date seems to be going well, but Ryan’s lingering pain leads to a misunderstanding. His date leaves Ryan looking like a complete jerk.

Andrew has not had anytime for dating. He is a single parent and raising his daughter has takes all his time and energy. Andrew loves his daughter more than anything but he is tired of being alone. He allows his friend to set him up on a date. While Andrew finds Ryan handsome, he is appalled by Ryan’s atrocious behavior.


Although their first date was a disaster, Ryan and Andrew decide to give it another try. They take their time getting to know one another. This time things are going very well. Ryan and Andrew are falling for one another. However, their pasts are connected in ways neither of them can possibly imagine. Will the secrets in their past tear them apart, or will Ryan and Andrew find a way to save their future?


SINS OF THE PAST by Amanda Young is a charming and sensuous tale. I found the storyline involving Andrew and his daughter very refreshing. I haven’t read many m/m romances where one of them is a single parent. I also appreciated the slow build up of Ryan and Andrew’s relationship. Their emotional connection added heat, and the wait was worth it! I had trouble believing the surprise twist, but overall I was seduced along with Ryan and Andrew.


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