Texas Sirens, Book 2: Siren in the City

Author: Sophie Oak

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Release Date: September 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Ever since Jack’s foray into the hospital and subsequent recovery, he has not been the Jack that Abby and Sam crave.  At their wit’s end with their lover, they try to formulate plans of rebellion in order to get their Dom back.  Jack, however, is not cooperating and so both are at a loss.  When Jack goes out of town on a supposed emergency, Abby and Sam decide that enough is enough.  The man they love, the man they married, the man they want –has to be shocked back into being the Dominant they desire.  And when Jack sees his lovers in a BDSM club causing trouble? His hiatus from being a Dom is over, and Sam and Abby soon find out the authoritative man they love is back for good. 

I adored SMALL TOWN SIREN.  Adored. It.  With a new author you never know how book number two will pan out – I should have known not to worry, and I won’t ever doubt Sophie Oak’s writing ability again.  SIREN IN THE CITY is the perfect follow-up to SMALL TOWN SIREN.  Jack, Sam, and Abby are established in their relationship and their lives revolve around everyday scenarios and problems – just as any relationship does.  Add in some laughs from Sam and Abby, and SIREN IN THE CITY is not a book I will soon forget.  Jack, Sam, and Abby’s love is real, and through good and bad, it survives. 


Often funny, always sensuous and sexy, SIREN IN THE CITY is a must read! Sophie Oak is firmly established as an auto buy for me, and I know others will feel the same. 







By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie S.

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