By Kym H.
Jan 1, 2009 - 8:36:00 PM

Harmony is surprised when her boyfriend, Aiden, proposes to her. But not nearly as surprised as Aiden is when he hears Harmony’s conditions before she answers his proposal. She wants him to agree to let her continue going on a yearly vacation with five college friends, which wouldn’t be such a big deal if these outings didn’t include a week-long orgy with no-holds-barred sex among the friends.

Harmony wants to be sure that Aiden can accept her for who she is. She and her friends have been going on these trips for years. The rest of the year they are straight-laced professionals—everyday ordinary people. But for this one week they let loose and do whatever they feel like whether it’s between two of them, three of them, or more. It’s their time to be free, and if Aiden can’t accept it, then Harmony knows he’ll never accept her.

Aiden agrees to let Harmony go on her trip, with one exception—this year he’s coming with her. What they don’t know is that one of Harmony’s college friends, Cole, has been in love with her for years. Or that Aiden’s ex-girlfriend, Mia, will show up at the resort demanding that he give her a second chance. Suddenly their fun-loving, frolicking weekend becomes something much more serious when the bounds of Aiden and Harmony’s love are tested by the people they care about.

SIX is a tantalizing erotic adventure that offers a unique perspective on life and love. The way Harmony describes her yearly outings, as a chance to shed the bounds of their everyday lives and let themselves just do what feels right, isn’t something I would have expected, but as I got into the book, I realized that’s exactly what it was. These friends have developed a bond based on mutual acceptance, respect, and attraction, and their commitment to keep it going no matter what happens in their lives was clear.

SIX is also full of hot, passionate scenes between the different friends, and you might find yourself needing to turn on the air conditioner despite the winter cold because this book is HOT! This is Ms. Carew’s fourth erotic romance novel, and they just keep getting better.

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