Author: Karin Tabke

Publisher: Pocket

Release Date: April 17, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Francesca “Frankie” Donatello runs her family-owned magazine, Skin, and while all the rest of this organized crime family’s businesses are on the shady side, Frankie’s magazine is squeaky clean.  Shortly before Frankie’s father, Santini, is assassinated, the two had an ugly falling out over Frankie’s decision to feature male centerfolds in her magazine.  Santini was adamantly opposed to Frankie’s determination to proceed, even threatening to write her out of his will.  When Frankie’s brother, Anthony, makes threats against her unless she desists with her centerfold plan, she shrugs it off to his selfish desire to control all of the family’s holdings. The police are working Santini’s murder, and in the course of their investigation, have sent detective Reese Barrett to audition for the male centerfold position.  Frankie feels a definite attraction to Reese but because she was recently burned by the man she loved, she’s hesitant to let herself get attached to anyone. After several attempts are made on her life, and Reese offers to act as her bodyguard and her centerfold, she relents and hires him.

Reese’s colleagues are convinced that Frankie played a part in her father’s death, but he isn’t so sure. Reese plays the part of male model very well, so well in fact that Frankie never suspects him of being a detective, until he does such a stellar job of protecting her, and then there is a slight niggling in the back of her mind that he almost seems to have some police training. When evidence begins to point a guilty finger at Frankie and the attacks against her almost seem staged, Reese starts to have his doubts.  Once he begins to fall for her and the threats against her become more brazen, he takes her into hiding.


Karin Tabke doesn’t write sweet romances.  Her characters are passionate about every aspect of their life, be it work or play.  They take their beliefs and their actions very seriously, and are selective about who they share them with, striving to always be the best.  I can’t give a high enough recommendation for SKIN and strongly encourage anyone who loves an edgy, suspenseful romance with shamelessly intense passion to run out and get a copy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Laurie

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