Skinny Dipping

Author: Connie Brockway

Publisher: Onyx

Release Date: January 2, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Mimi Olson has one rule – “let it slide.”   She wants no obligations and goes out of her way to avoid responsibilities. Her father disappeared without a trace when she was just a child.   Now she has a detective trying to locate him. Her one passion is Chez Ducky, the Olson family ancestral vacation retreat, where she has spent her summers for most of her life.

Joe Tierney is a major overachiever. Everything must be neat and organized.   He has spent his life working to get ahead and making money. Though he has provided for his wife and son financially, he was not there physically. Now his wife is dead and his son is grown. Joe is trying to get closer to his son, Preston , who fights his every attempt. When his son breaks his leg, Joe sees his chance to be there for him – nursing him back to health. The last thing Joe expects is to find that Preston already has a nursemaid - a woman Preston seems to be greatly attracted to despite their vast age differences. It does not help matters that Joe has already met and is greatly attracted to the same woman.


Now Mimi finds herself taking care of not only Preston , but his three dogs and trying to find a way to save Chez Ducky, which is in danger of being sold if certain family members get their way. Will she be able to save the place that holds a lot of memories for her – the last place she saw her father? Can Joe and Mimi get beyond their differences to have a relationship? Is her dad still alive?


SKINNY DIPPING is a witty, warmhearted novel that will keep the reader laughing. This hilarious, mysterious and romantic book is a keeper. Watching how these two vastly different characters interact with each other as they fight their infatuation is great fun. I highly recommend SKINNY DIPPING.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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