Slacker Girl

Author: Alexandra Koslow

Publisher: Plume

Release Date: August 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Jane Cooper loves her leisure time. She values it more than anything else, except maybe her best friend Rebecka and her cat, Snowball. She doesn’t enjoy working, and she’d much rather spend her morning whiling away the hours in a café working on her embroidery.

Unfortunately, hanging out in a café isn’t going to pay the rent in New York City, so Jane is forced to find a job. A chance meeting with a cool girl in a hip bar leads Jane to a job opportunity as a “relationship manager” at a stodgy, stuffy investment firm. The one up side? Her boss, Ray, is a real hottie, but he’s a little uptight and nervous around her. When company layoffs force Ray to put his job on the line to keep Jane employed, Jane doesn’t return the favor—she goes on a trip to South Beach, promising to come back with an investor that will keep the company afloat. Will she save both her job and Ray’s, or will this die-hard SLACKER GIRL return to unemployment?

SLACKER GIRL had its moments, although there were times when I wondered why Jane didn’t go into business selling her embroidery, which is described throughout the book as unique and funky. Jane tends to be selfish and immature, and she knows it. At times, it’s difficult to believe that she managed to keep her job at the investment firm for more than a couple of days with all the games that she plays. Still, the friendship between Rebecka and Jane is entertaining, and the story of their first meeting in college was memorable and poignant.

Ray is a good foil for Jane. He’s serious, driven, and ambitious, and he loves his job. It’s hard to tell if he has faith in Jane’s professional abilities, or if he just wants to keep her around because he’s falling for her. His nervousness around Jane makes him especially appealing to those of us (myself included) who love geeky guys. Rebecka is a tough, brutally-honest woman who tries to get some sense into Jane, but she’s also preoccupied with her own nasty break-up with a live-in boyfriend. The friendship between Rebecka and Jane is the high point of the novel—the two women help and support each other through difficult times.

Overall, SLACKER GIRL has moments where it’s both funny and touching, but Jane’s quirks may be a little much for some readers. Readers who enjoy hip heroines and chic urban settings may enjoy this one.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lucia Nelson

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