Slade and Kally
By Natasha Smith
Jan 16, 2009 - 10:03:51 AM

Kally Jensen is on the run.  Finding the strength to finally leave her abusive fiancé behind, she rushes off into the night heading west to her best friend.  With only the money her sister gave her, Kally does her best to stay under anyone’s radar and for the most part she does; that is, until her car crashes because of icy roads in Wyoming.  Wandering for hours trying to find a place to rest, Kally is almost ready to give up and sleep as hypothermia begins to settle in.  Waking up in the hospital surrounded by the people who rescued her, she doesn’t know what to do.  When people do nice things for you they expect something in return.  That is what her fiancé taught her as he was beating her down and abusing her, not only physically but mentally.  Finding the strength she didn’t realize she had, Kally takes a chance on Slade and his family, never expecting to find the acceptance and security she has always craved. 

SLADE AND KALLY made me cry – and not just silent tears. I sobbed more than once.  This, however, was a good thing because that means that this book made me feel.  I felt the emotions, despair and fear of the characters.  Kally’s sadistic ex-fiancé gave me the creeps and I found myself in love with Slade with no hope of having him for my very own.  I loved watching Kally evolve from a person scared of her own shadow to a moderately independent woman.  Her trust was long in coming, but when she decided Slade was the one, there was no going back.


With the love they have for each other brand new, Slade and Kally explored the feelings they had for each other.  I sat back and watched it unfold with a grin and a sigh.  I love when books pull me in to their stories.  A. E. Rought has a gripping novel in SLADE AND KALLY.  It shows the hero’s loyalty of character, and the heroine’s steadfast need to trust.  I couldn’t put it down.

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