Slave Heart
By Claudia McRay
Oct 1, 2007 - 10:24:00 PM

Sandy makes a snap decision to go search for her sister's killer.  Scott, her boyfriend, convinces her to call her sister before she does anything drastic.  She places a phone call to the last known phone number and hears the recording that the number has been disconnected and there is no forwarding number.  Her decision is made.  She leaves behind everything familiar and heads into the unknown to search for answers.  She doesn't look back. 

Her journey takes her to Hollywood, Florida, and Jaycee's last known address there.  An overdue bill for rental movies not returned and several charges on her sister's credit card bill takes Sandy to The Bondage Shoppe.  Jorge, the manager, asks if she's looking for the local scene.  Not knowing what he means but curious to find out, she replies that she is.  He tells her of a party the next night, gives her the address, and tells her to mention his name at the door to gain entrance.


When Sandy arrives at the party, she feels even more out of place than she did in the bondage shop.  Looking around the room, she spies the most gorgeous man she's ever seen and he's watching her.  Jorge takes her around the room, introducing her to the other guests.  He introduces her to the man who has been looking at her.  Nicco, once he's clear on the fact that Sandy doesn't belong to Jorge, offers to show Sandy the garden.


After an unpleasant experience at the party, Sandy finally admits that she knows nothing about BDSM, but is looking for her sister.  Jorge explains that her sister has become involved with the Taleans, a group that's harder core than the group at the party.  Sandy explains that she has to find her sister and will do anything to accomplish her goal. 


Jorge tries to convince Sandy that she's nothing at all like her sister and that the group Jaycee's become involved with would spot her in a moment.  Jorge eventually gives in and agrees to take her under his wings with the hope that he'll convince her to give up her crazy idea.  Sandy doesn't give up and Jorge sends her to Mistress Marika for training. 


During her training, Sandy undergoes a metamorphosis that astonishes even her.  She's comes to realize she never really loved Scott.  She gives up her job and eventually will have to sell her condo.


Nage Archer introduces some very interesting people.  Jasmine, another slave in training, dislikes Sandy immediately and does everything possible to make her look bad and her life miserable.


Then there is Nicco.  Even though he is a member of the Talean organization, he owns no slaves.  He waits for that perfect person to come into his life.  Could Sandy be that perfect person?


The one constant in Sandy's life is the suspicion of everyone she meets.  She wonders at the role each person did or didn't play in Jaycee's death.  That suspicion extends to Nicco.  Even though she's drawn to him, did he kill Jaycee?


Nage Archer wrote SLAVE HEART from Sandy's point of view.  His description of her life as she undergoes the training to become a submissive and to, hopefully, later be sold on the Slave Block, leaves the reader breathless.  The reader begins to understand what Nage means by psychological dominance and the effect it has on the person undergoing the training.


I was completely blown away by this story.  It contains suspense, mystery, romance and an eye-opening journey into the world of D/s with a touch of the paranormal to spice it up.  The first read was done quickly because I couldn't wait to find out 'who done it'.  I'll read it again to enjoy it.  This book is definitely a keeper.  It's one of the few that made me cry at the end.

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