Sleeping with Ward Cleaver
By Sarah W
Feb 1, 2008 - 1:13:29 PM

Claire Doolittle is just a tad sick of her husband, Jack. Lately he seems to have turned into a bit of a stick in the mud. Claire's not so affectionate name for Jack is Ward Cleaver. Unfortunately, Jack seems determined to turn into the bossy and strict father figure of the famous Leave it to Beaver show. He was not always this way, in fact Claire fondly remembers a fun-loving, romantic, and caring Jack. With five children it can be hard to keep the romance in the marriage but it seems like lately he is not even making an effort.

When Claire receives a very unexpected email from a man in her past, it really shakes her up. Suddenly she cannot help but wonder what might have been or what could still be. Can Claire and Jack fix their marriage before things become irreparable?

SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER examines the faltering footsteps of marriage through humor, reminisces and through love. Claire is a forceful presence in this book and while her complaints often outnumber what it seems she loves about Jack, she still manages to make readers sympathize with her. Jack definitely seemed a bit stodgy through much of this novel but towards the end, I more than felt his love for Claire. While theirs was not always a solid marriage, they found a way to make it work. Jenny Gardiner had me laughing and empathizing with Claire's man troubles throughout SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER.

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