Slippery When Wet

Author: Kimberly Raye

Publisher: Love Spell

Release Date: November 25, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Jaycee Anderson was raised by her father Ace, a racecar driver.  Jaycee was the only woman racecar driver ever to place in the top five for the Nextel Cup and a major contender for the upcoming Season.  She lost her mother in a car accident so there was no time for dolls, tea parties or a normal childhood.  Since she felt uncomfortable in anything girly, he took advantage of that and steered her in that direction, letting her hang out in the garage and giving her a future behind the wheel of a race car.  However, this also took away school dances, the prom, wearing makeup like the other girls and dressing up.  The one thing she did find on the racetrack was Rory Canyon on whom she had a big crush.  Ace also never told her she had a half sister. 

Rory Canyon, a racecar driver, and his brothers were raised by their father Word.  After their mother died on the dirt-bike track, while racing, Word turned against anyone female.  Word was one of the founding members of Men on Top, a group of good ole boys who wanted to return to the time when men were men and they ruled over the women.  Rory was drawn to Jaycee when they were younger, but he turned his back on her so he could concentrate on his racing.  However, his real joy was motorcycles just like his mother.  Nevertheless, after her death, his father ripped apart Rory’s Harley and told him to forget the past.


When Ace died, Jaycee was surprised to learn she had an older half sister.  Mentioned in the will, her half sister Riley was left in charge of the racing team.  She renamed the team to Racing Chicks, found a new sponsor Revved and Ready, who were just putting out a new energy drink and Jaycee found herself driving a pink Chevy.  However, in order for Jaycee to be the spokesperson for the new energy drink, she needs to change and start looking like a female, so Revved and Ready hires Image Nation to give her a makeover.  Though she is completely against it, she knows without a sponsor, she cannot race so she finally agrees.  Suddenly, her brows are plucked, her hair is highlighted and curled, she is wearing make up, form fitting clothes, and is eating healthy food, working out and Rory is noticing…big time.  He is having a hard time keeping his mind off her and on the track.  However, is Rory falling for the makeover or the real Jaycee?  Will Jaycee’s ambition to beat him on the track come between them?


SLIPPERY WHEN WET is a delightfully funny and deliciously sensual contemporary romance.  Kimberly Raye has a talent for delivering an enjoyable romance with plenty of steam and laughter.  All I have to see is her name on a book to know I have to buy it.  This page-turner with its well-drawn characters will leave you feeling as if you know the characters personally.  You almost expect them to step out of the pages.  This book is definitely one you won’t want to miss!  I recommend SLIPPERY WHEN WET for those who enjoy their romance with plenty of heat and humor.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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