Slippery When Wet

Author: S.L. Carpenter

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Release Date: April 2003

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Format: EBOOK

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When Linda is forced to go on a business trip with her odious boss Steve, she grabs her friend Stacy to come along for moral support.  The two of them manage to find more pleasure than work while confounding Steve, and perhaps finding true love.

Linda has worked her way up the corporate ladder one grueling rung at a time.  Her present boss is a sexual harassing jerk who makes her go on a business trip to San Diego with him.  Their company is merging with another larger company, and Linda hopes if she can just stick it out a little longer she can get a better opportunity after the merger.

Richard thinks his entire stay at the hotel in San Diego is going to be as bad as his hangover, until he catches Linda staring at him.  While the two of them get over their embarrassment at a rather uncomfortable situation they find they have a lot in common.  After dinner and drinks their feelings overwhelm them and they fulfill the promises their bodies have been making all night.

Linda awakes the next morning feeling in love and lovely, unfortunately, Steve saw her out dancing with Richard after she told him she couldn’t go out that night and threatens her job unless she sleeps with him.  Luckily Richard finds a way to save the day for all of them.

S.L. Carpenter tells a great story with interesting and engaging characters.  This book does contain graphic love scenes, so if you like it hot, this book is for you.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cat Cody

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