Slow Burn

Author: Brenda Jackson

Publisher: St Martins Press

Release Date: November 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Ask the heroine of Slow Burn, Skye Barclay, and she will reply with a resounding “YES”!   Skye Barclay gets the shock of her life when she finds out she is adopted.   After hiring a private detective she learns she has a younger biological brother and flies from Maine to Texas to meet him and his adoptive parents.   Her adoptive parents and now ex-fiancé are very against Skye locating her brother.   They have decided to stop speaking to her until she bends to their way of thinking.   Without the support of the people, she loves most, Skye heads to Texas anyway.   She soon meets her brother Vincent and his adoptive family.   They are a very warm, generous, and large family she soon discovers.   She takes a special liking to his cousin Slade Madaris.   He is strong, manly, and sexy. He exudes such heat Skye soon finds herself caught in his aura.   He treats her with respect and does not belittle her or try to bend her to his will.    

From the minute he opened the door to her, Slade Madaris has been enamored of Skye.   He finds himself drawn to her beauty, inner and outer.   Slade begins to do the one thing with Skye he swore he would never do-fall in love!   She brings out everything good in him and he just wants to be with her and protect her.   Others have controlled Skye for the majority of her life and just when she is gaining her independence, she starts to fall for Slade.   She cannot give up her control to yet another person and fight her feelings for Slade.   Can Slade convince her he only wants to be a part of her life and not control her life as her former fiancé did?   Will Skye allow herself to feel truly loved for the first time in her life or will someone from her past keep them apart?



Ms. Jackson has done it again!   Her fiftieth book is a triumph!   And how appropriate her fiftieth book is a Madaris novel…the family that started it all for her.   The heroine is strong yet vulnerable as all of her female lead characters have been.   The hero, Slade Madaris, is everything we are used to Madaris men being.   He is sexy, vulnerable, and strong with a hint of dangerous.   Ms. Jackson’s stories always focus on love and “happily ever after”.   I love a happy ending and this story does not disappoint.   I cannot wait for the next Madaris book.   I am a die-hard Brenda Jackson fan until the end.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: tasha

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