Slow Burn

Author: Jamie Denton

Publisher: Harlequin Temptation

Release Date: September 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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The first thing Maggie sees after she’s carried out of a burning paint warehouse is a pair of sexy blue eyes.  They belong to the gorgeous, black-haired paramedic who rescued her just before the building exploded.  But what was she doing trespassing after hours in the locked paint warehouse in the first place?  And what is her last name?  Maggie doesn’t know.  In fact, there are a whole lot of things about herself that she doesn’t know.  She’s small and curvy, her hair is the color of cinnamon, her eyes change color with her moods and she loves junk food, but that’s about the extent of her self-knowledge.

As a paramedic, Cale Perry has made a career of coming to the rescue.  He even has a whole menagerie of rescued animals living in his house, from Pearl the smiling dog, to a pair of cats named Frankie and Johnny, to Gilda the singing parrot, who has a vocabulary right out of a bachelor party.  Even most of his past relationships have been with women who needed his help in one way or another.  Unfortunately his judgment hasn’t been very good and women have taken advantage of him more than once.  He’s well aware of his soft heart and his tendency to take in strays but when he looks at Maggie, none of that matters.  He barely knows her, yet she has a firm hold on his heart.  It’s a new experience for him.  What makes Maggie so different? 


Cale and Maggie have at least one thing in common – they want to figure out who she is.  They both know they should ignore the growing attraction they feel until they learn more about Maggie.  She’s alone with no memory, no identity, no friends and nowhere to go.  As they uncover bits of her memory little by little, what will they discover about her past?  And what will it mean to their future when Maggie finally learns who and what she is?

SLOW BURN has a very clever plot with plenty of heat in all the right places, first-rate characters and an intriguing mystery to solve.  The secrets of Maggie’s past were uncovered a little at a time, so I learned about her right along with Maggie and Cale.  Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. I had to find out all about Maggie’s mysterious past!  I can’t wait to read the rest of Ms. Denton’s “Some Like It Hot” trilogy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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