Slow Dancing With a Texan
By Bea Sigman
Mar 16, 2004 - 4:58:00 PM

When advice columnist, Lainie Gardner is plagued by a stalker, her mother calls an old friend to help provide protection.  Lainie has worked hard all her life providing for all of her family, giving them everything they need.  Now someone wants her dead, and there are not many clues to lead the police to her stalker. Lainie gets a surprise meeting of her new protector when she is swept up into his arms after shots are fired at her office building.

Texas Ranger, Sloan Abbott is taking a leave from the Rangers to settle some family business.  But since he owes his boss, Chet Johnson, for changing his life, he agrees to take on a body guard assignment before he leaves.  When shots are fired at his protectee, and they are chased down the highway, Sloan realizes that this isn't going to be a quick, easy job.


Having a killer on their tail has Sloan and Lainie on the run, looking for someplace safe until the danger is over.  But the more time they are together, the more the attraction between the two grows.  Lainie has never had time for the simple things in life, and being on the run is opening her up to all types of new adventures, including exploring every inch of the very sexy Sloan's body.  But can this mismatched relationship last after the danger is over?


Grab a fan romance lovers, because Linda Conrad turns the heat up in SLOW DANCING WITH A TEXAN.  Instant sparks fly between Sloan and Lainie from the very beginning, giving us a passionate story with the hint of danger.  You will find yourself engrossed in this story until the very end, holding your breath waiting for the stalker to catch up with them, or waiting to see if their steamy kisses will lead to more.  This is one story you won't want to miss.  

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