Slow Hands
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 7, 2008 - 12:33:45 PM

“It’s for a good cause . . . ” maybe if paramedic Jake Wallace reminds himself of that fact enough time then he’ll begin to feel less panicky about his current predicament.  He’s bachelor Number Nineteen at a charity auction and he’s offering dinner and a ball game - certainly nothing that should have brought in an astronomical amount - so when he’s ‘sold’ for twenty-five thousand dollars and the buyer doesn’t seem at all interested in him, he has to wonder what’s going on?

Madeleine Turner only attended the auction and bought Jake to prevent her stepmother from winning him and cheating on her father.  It seems simple enough - she bids on the man her sister specified as the gigolo, writes the check to cover his ‘services’ for the evening and then go back to her cold, workaholic life.  She’s perfected the ice-queen persona and normally men take the hint and leave her alone - not this one.  She’s used to high society men interested only in her money.  Jake is far more interested in chipping away at the ice encasing her heart.


Maddy never imagined her life could become so complicated so fast - and all because she let her sister talk her into buying the very bachelor her stepmother wanted.  According to his bio he’s supposed to be an international businessman - code words for European Gigolo apparently.   However, the man she’s purchased acts more like your typical All-American boy next door leaving her confused and not a small bit scared.  She can’t help but admit to herself that she’s sexually attracted to him but acting on her impulses could lead to heartache.  Jake’s been attracted to Maddy since the moment he peeped through the onstage curtains and spotted her standing aloof from the barracudas working themselves into a feeding frenzy over the available bachelors.  Just when it seems fate has played into his hands she completely rejects him.  Well, being a man raised not to welch on his deals he’s determined to give her the date she’d paid for - and if he can entice her into something more intimate then he won’t be complaining.  He certainly has no clue that she thinks he’s some high class male prostitute?


Leslie Kelly did an excellent job penning this story so that the characters take on real qualities that endear them to you.  I couldn’t help but chuckle at Jake and Maddy’s discussions and how her comments allude to his ‘occupation’ but for the most part could be misconstrued to apply to his job as a paramedic.  There’s no doubt that they’re perfect for each other and the sexual tension is definitely hot but what truly stands out in this storyline is the family dynamics and just how strongly they feel about family values.  


If after reading this book you want to know about what happened to the gigolo bachelor then I suggest picking up a copy of the second book in this bachelor auction gone wrong series - HEATED RUSH.  From what I read on the back cover today when I picked it up at the store it promises to be just as touching as SLOW HANDS. 


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