Slow Ride: A Fast Track Novel
By Sarah W
Sep 1, 2011 - 2:14:15 PM

Tuesday Jones is usually a fast talking, sarcastic woman who keeps everyone around her on their toes. She blogs about the world of racing and she never stops to consider anyone’s feelings. However, the recent death of her beloved father has left her hurt and sad. Cancer took him way too quickly and now, she is planning a cancer benefit for him in the hopes it will take her mind off her grief. But it is not that easy. The only person who seems to make her happy at all lately is Diesel Lange. He has seen her at his most vulnerable and he keeps coming back for more.

Diesel Lange had to give up driving because of a near-death experience on the track. Now, he fixes up classic racing cars. He is very attracted to Tuesday. She is snappy, amusing, sweet, and oh too sassy. But he also sees behind the laughter to the pain that she is hiding and he wants to help. Diesel is a man of few words but he hopes that their burgeoning relationship will help comfort Tuesday. However, grief is never that easy and Tuesday has other problems she is not dealing with, as does Diesel, a man who buries his emotions deep. Will these two be able to truly let the façade of being “fine” disappear in order to discover how deeply their feelings for each other run?

I absolutely love Erin McCarthy’s FAST TRACK series and SLOW RIDE is another great addition to this racing series. Diesel and Tuesday have so many emotions to work through. There is a lot of laughter between them, definitely some seriously sexy talk, but there are also plenty of hidden feelings that have to be dealt with. The examination of grief in this book is very well done. Tuesday does not know how to deal with her grief over her father’s death so she turns to alcohol with disastrous results. Diesel wants to help her but cannot help wondering if this is the wrong time for them to have a relationship, even if he knows his feelings for her are growing by leaps and bounds. There is much reality to be dealt with in this novel. It is not a storybook romance and that is what makes it so strong.

SLOW RIDE revs you up and leaves you wanting more. Diesel and Tuesday keep each other on their toes and it is a great balance of emotions and delicious intimacy. Erin McCarthy keeps this series going strong with another winner. SLOW RIDE soars.

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