Small Town Girl
By Dina Smith
Mar 1, 2006 - 12:20:00 PM

Flynn "Flint" Clinton had to make a choice, give up his wild life style and become the father his boys needed or give up his boys. Flint knew it was not going to be easy, he was never a big part of his boy's life, but he was determined to change that. Some of the best memories Flint had as a child were in Northfork, North Carolina and that is were he wanted to raise his boys. Flint took what money he had left and bought the Stardust Cafe not that he had a clue about how to run a cafe Lucky for Flint he had Joella Sanderson to help him out.

Joella had just about given up on her dream of making it big in the music business. She let her heart rule her head twice with men who promised her fame and fortune, only to have her heart broken and her dreams shattered. Joella was fully prepared to write her little ditties for the local band and work in the cafe making enough money to take care of her mother. Then she met Flint, her sexy boss who was willing to give up his own dreams to make hers come true.

Joella was everything Flint did not need in a woman, she was beautiful, sexy, she had a voice that could melt his heart and the power to destroy everything he was working for. As much as Flint loved playing his music that part of his life was over and he owed it to his boys to settle down and be a real father to them. He also owed Joella the help that she needed to get what she deserved even if it will cost him his heart.

Once I started reading SMALL TOWN GIRL I was hooked. It was such a fun read with a unique group of characters and a story line that was never boring. I have enjoyed many of Patricia Rice's books she is a very talented writer and I can't wait to see what she will write next. I am hoping that we will get to read more about the folks in the small town of Northfork, North Carolina in the future. I would definitely recommend SMALL TOWN GIRL for a fast paced, fun read that will keep you smiling long after you have finished reading.

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