Texas Sirens, Book 1: Small Town Siren
By Natalie S.
Nov 13, 2010 - 12:27:14 PM

Twenty years ago, alone, ostracized, and pregnant, Abby Moore fled her hometown of Willow Fork, TX.  She never expects to return.  But when her mother needs her, she makes the difficult choice to face the town gossips.  From the first moment she arrives, Abby’s fears come to fruition because the talk once more starts.  Abby is ready to leave but knows that isn’t possible until her mother recovers.  And then she meets two special cowboys that make her dormant heart flutter. 

Sam Fleetwood and Jack Barnes have been best friends since they were both in foster care.  Through thick and thin, they have remained friends, and now they’re partners in the ranch they own.  The only thing missing from their lives is a special woman to share – a woman like Abby Moore.  Persuading her might take a bit of time, but these men refuse to give up on her.


Amidst this brand new relationship, however, is a sinister presence willing to do anything to get Abby Moore out of town.  And it is willing to kill in order to accomplish its goal.


I have a brand new author to love!  SMALL TOWN SIREN has laughter, love, a few tears, and blazing hot, over the top love scenes that are a joy to read.  Abby’s personality is just the balance that Sam and Jack need in their lives.  She loves both of her men unconditionally and differently – but equally.  In turn, Jack and Sam want to give her the world.  I should be so lucky!


I recommend taking a chance on SMALL TOWN SIREN. Sophie Oak proves her writing ability over and over again in this undeniably erotic and emotional tale!

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