Smart Mouth

Author: Erin McCarthy

Publisher: Kensington

Release Date: April 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Reese Hampton was tired of her crappy job at the news rag, Newark News. Reporting on the latest society wedding is not going to win her the job and respect she craves. That is, until the latest wedding assignment brings her to
Chicago and a case of mixed up rental cars hands her a prize-winning story. But in order to get the complete scoop, Reese is going to have to convince one sexy as sin FBI agent to cut her in.

Derek Knight is not having a good day. First his informant plants an envelope full of evidence in the wrong rental car. Then he was jumped by a bunch of well-meaning Samaritans, and now is forced to bargain with one of the sexiest reporters he has ever seen. He should be annoyed beyond belief at her audacity in trying to interfere with his investigation. Instead, all he can think about is stripping her down and making love until neither one of them remembers their name.


Hours after their first meeting Reese and Derek find themselves in middle of a red hot love affair that could cost both of them their careers. And an affair is all it can be, after all Derek wants a shy and retiring kind of woman, and quiet is that last thing Reese could ever be. But can Derek learn to see the vulnerability behind Reese's brash and snappy personality, or will her desire to be respected for all that she is cost them both the case, as well as their love.


SMART MOUTH is an amazing novel filled with smart and witty characters that keep you entertained and touch your heart. Both Reese and Derek struggle so hard to find their footing in a relationship whose landscape is constantly changing, and the reader will love the ride. Erin McCarthy has once again created a story that is extremely hard to set down. So sit back and enjoy because from page one, both the story and characters grip you and won't let go. In the end there can be only one question;  who do you think was really the SMART MOUTH?

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tara James

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