Author: Sonia Icilyn

Publisher: BET/Arabesque

Release Date: June 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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Shock. Hurt. Anger. These are the emotions Paige Alexander experiences when she finds out her boyfriend, Rupert, cheated on her. As her thirtieth birthday approaches, she does not want to show up at her party without a date. When Paige starts talking to a guy she met on an online introduction service, will she be SMITTEN? Will Rhys Langston fit the bill?

Even though Paige’s behavior was rather ambiguous, Rhys was SMITTEN from the outset. With her living in London, and him currently in Egypt, he still had to find a way to meet her. Rhys is a private equity investor, with a hobby of Egyptian history. Because of their common interest in this subject, Rhys lets Paige believe that’s what he does for a living. For now, Rhys does not want Paige to know of his financial status, as he is looking for someone to love him for him.


After taking considerable risk, and to the consternation of her family and friends, Paige and Rhys meet when he arrives in London. As they both seem inebriated with each other, it appears that they’ve made a good match. Have they?

While all Paige wants is to be loved, she is playing a dangerous game. Paige has had a crush on her boss, Blanton Blake, and at first hopes that Rhys will make Blanton sit up and pay attention to her. However, once SMITTEN with Rhys, Paige just hopes that this plan will not blow up in her face. How will Rhys react when he finds out about Paige’s charade?


When Rhys buys Paige an expense Egyptian figurine for her birthday, troubles follow them. Take this newfound romance with a bit of suspense thrown in, and SMITTEN is a book you’ll not want to put down.


All Rhys wants is to be loved for who his, not for what his money represents. Paige wants love too, but she is having trouble letting go of her independence. Great dialogue and fantastic characters make SMITTEN a quick and easy read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Taylor

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