Author: Janet Evanovich

Publisher: Harpercollins publishers

Release Date: July 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: print

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Lizabeth Kane, recent divorcee, has reached the end of her job hunting prospects. She has had fourteen job interviews in a week, and been labeled overeducated, undereducated, unskilled, and inexperienced. She needs a job to support her two sons and pay her mortgage, and Matt Hallahan’s construction company is her last chance. Lizabeth has no experience in carpentry, but wants to learn so she can make repairs to the Victorian fixer-upper she moved into. Matt hires her out of pity – and lust, as the two feel an immediate attraction.

Mishaps at the building site ensue, and Lizabeth proves to be more determined than talented. Crazy Aunt Elsie Hawkins (previously seen in Evanovich’s ‘Back to the Bedroom’ and ‘The Rocky Road to Romance’) arrives in her indestructible ’57 powder blue cadillac to take care of Lizabeth’s sons for the summer. A flasher makes nightly visits to their backyard. The family dog does his best to eat anything in his sight, furniture, shoes, and soccer balls included. And through it all, Lizabeth and Matt find themselves falling hard and fast for each other.


Lizabeth hadn’t planned on getting involved with anyone again. Her current aspirations are about independence – making a home for her family, paying her bills on time, and fixing her house. Plus, Matt is nothing like the men she’s known – he builds houses, has a tattoo and a Harley – and isn’t the type to settle down, although his thoughts on that have changed since meeting Lizabeth. Matt finds himself wrangling dinner invitations, and offering to make home repairs. Can the two make it through all of the craziness to find a future together?


SMITTEN is one of nine short romance novels Janet Evanovich wrote and published between 1988 and 1992, now being re-released by Harpercollins Publishers. Stephanie Plum fans will recognize Aunt Elsie and her Cadillac as the prototypes for Grandma Mazur and Big Blue. Smitten has Evanovich’s trademark humor and romance, and makes for a great lighthearted read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh O

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