Smoke and Mirrors
By Katie
Jan 13, 2009 - 8:17:43 PM

Alexander Black and Gabriella Winslow were once teenage lovers who wouldn’t allow anyone to separate them, not even Gabriella’s rich and powerful father. Alexander was slowly making his way as a magician and Gabriella was his assistant. But then Gabrielle became very sick and Alexander had no choice but to return her to her father and disappear out of her life.

Ten years later Alexander wants to settle an old score he has with Robert Winslow. Alexander is now a very successful illusionist who performs in Las Vegas. He wants Gabriella back and when Winslow still won’t let Alexander near Gabriella, Alexander forms a plan. He will kidnap Gabriella and hold her in his penthouse till she becomes a slave to his touch.


SMOKE AND MIRRORS is a tantalizing story about a man who will do everything in his power to take back the woman he loves. Alexander has become a very rich and powerful man in his own right but because of his past, the father of the woman he loves can’t get over is bias towards him. Alexander has no choice to take what he feels is his and that is Gabriella.


Gabriella has never forgiven Alexander for walking out of her life. She never knew the whole story why, and when Alexander waltzes back into her life and seduces her, she tries to fight him, but can’t because her heart and soul still longs for him.


Alexander has the magic touch and the sex scenes between him and Gabrielle will leave the reader panting for more. SMOKE AND MIRRORS is one story that zings.

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