Smokin' Seventeen
By Michele Rioli
Aug 18, 2011 - 7:44:36 AM

Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter, is neck deep in trouble again with vordo this time, thanks to Joe Morelli’s, Grandma Bella.  Handsome, brawny, Trenton cop Joe Morelli is a romantic interest in Stephanie’s life. Somehow, his Grandma is messing with Stephanie’s mojo big time and she isn’t happy one bit!

Stephanie works for her cousin Vinnie Plum at a bail bond office along with Lula, the sassafras assistant, Connie and Moochy the Mooner. Hijinks ensue as Stephanie and Lula work together to try to bring in a disappearing dancing bear and a vacuous veteran vampire who gums everything in sight. Add to the mix a meddling matchmaking mom and a host of hunky fellows lusting after her. She is wondering how her life got so complicated so fast. Can complicated prove fatal?


Just might when murdered bodies are stacking up left and right in the empty lot next to her place of work and the calling card left behind is addressed to her. To make matters worse, a psycho woman is stalking her relentlessly. Wow, complication overload, will it all work out in the end?


Stephanie’s curiosity is piqued, and she delivers her knowledge to the case.  Joe Morelli is not happy one bit, especially when it places Stephanie in the thick of things.  Therefore, when too many dangerous episodes take place, Joe tells Stephanie that she can stay at his apartment until the case is settled. Does this mean he is taking their relationship to the next level? Then, the handsome, ever elusive Ranger appears on the scene just when Stephanie needs him most. He helps her with the murder case along with some interesting…two can do the tango…moves.


SMOKIN’ SEVENTEEN is a snappy, fast-moving, romantic murder mystery. Few writers handle comic murder mystery as deftly as Janet Evanovich. This current story delivers a baffling murder mystery with a host of suspects. Stephanie, the feisty, refreshingly witty heroine is at it again, bounty hunting with romance entanglements galore. Her mother is driving her insane with her relationship suggestions. In addition, her friends Lula, Connie and Mooner offer their help, albeit in their own style. Ranger, Morelli and a third man are all vying for Stephanie’s attention this time. Heaven help her! I absolutely love the super macho attitude of Ranger with his sexy killer moves. The smoking chemistry between Ranger and Stephanie literally rises from the pages! Joe Morelli is also a delicious derringer of a man who literally sweeps Stephanie off her feet whenever he is close. I still don’t know which guy I like most because they each have their own unique qualities. There are twists and turns galore along with charming, kooky characters. SMOKIN’ SEVENTEEN is so addictive; it is like a scrumptious ice cream cake!

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