Smolder - Wilde Dunes series, book 2
By Dottie
Jun 26, 2015 - 12:51:31 PM

Sara Vance has loved Jack McTeer since high school. Jack is her sister Emma's best friend. Although her sister and Jack were close, there has never been anything romantic between them. But Sara and Jack have trouble keeping their hands off each other. At seventeen, Sara became pregnant with Jack's baby. She never told him and he only found out when he came to the hospital, thinking Emma was ill, only to discover that Sara was the patient and she was miscarrying their baby. Angry, he left the hospital and still has not forgiven her. But that has not stopped them from sleeping together from time to time. In fact, several weeks ago, they were intimate again and Sara left town afterwards. She recently returned home for Emma's wedding, but this time, Jack figured out that Sara is pregnant again before she got a chance to tell him.

Jack is keeping his father's legacy alive by making a success of his bar and keeping it open. When Jack was young, his mother left them, leaving him with trust issues and believing that his mom didn't love him enough to stay. His problem with trust is one of the things that keep ruining his relationship with Sara. But she is the only woman for him. Now with a baby on the way, he hopes that she will give him a second chance. Jack is also a successful author, but no one, except his publisher and agent, knows that he is the popular author whose books Sara loves reading. An introvert, Jack does not like attention drawn to him, but, now that he is in the midst of writing the last book in his popular series, his agent is pushing for him to do a book tour, something Jack has avoided so far. Just the thought of doing it throws him into a panic attack.

A former high school cheerleader, Sara now coaches the school's cheerleaders. But a jealous rival is up-in-arms that as a pregnant unwed mother, Sara is not a good example for the girls on the team. Things seem to be going well for Sara and Jack, and she even asks him to move in with her. But when she discovers that he is not being totally honest with some issues in his life and won't open up to her, she knows his trust issues will destroy any chance they might have at happiness together. Can Jack work through the problems with his mother, or will he lose the woman he loves?

The second book in author Deborah Grace Staley's WILDE DUNES series entitled SMOLDER is a witty, sensual contemporary romance that is certain to turn up the heat. Despite the problems that Jack and Sara face, there is no denying the chemistry and love between them. They are perfect for each other and I could not help rooting for them.

SMOLDER can be read as a standalone, but as the book drew to a close, I was left hungering for more and discovered to my delight that there is another book in the series, SIMMER, which I now long to read. For a real treat, pick up a copy of SMOLDER today and get lost in the world of Deborah Grace Staley!

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