Snow Angels (Calendar Men - Mr. December)
By Suzie Housley
Dec 1, 2014 - 4:06:49 AM

Ever since Wade Masters had agreed to be photographed for a calendar to benefit the Widow and Orphans fund,  his life hasn’t been the same.  His photo made him an overnight success.  Now he finds himself stalked by women everywhere he goes.

He decides to get away from it all by spending a month long getaway in his sister’s cabin.  He hopes that by the time the month is over, and his Mr. December status is through, his life will get back to normal.  He never anticipated that a knock at his door would deliver Lyssa Salk.  Lyssa is unlike any woman he has ever met.  When she says that her car slid off the road, he knows by the threatening weather she will be his houseguest for however  long it takes for the snow to melt.

Unbeknownst to Wade and Lyssa, Wade’s sister put both of them at the cabin at the same time on purpose.  She hopes being snowed in together will allow the two to get a chance to find one another in getting to know each other.

When Wade learns that Lyssa is able to communicate with the dead, and has a message for him from his deceased fiancée, will Wade put enough faith in her skills to allow her to receive the message from the beyond?

SNOW ANGELS is an exceptional romance.  The paranormal elements that are entwined into the story line makes for one unique reading experience.  This is one book that allowed time to get away from me; once I started there was no way I could look up until I was completely finished.

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