Snow Angels

Author: Fern Michaels

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: October 27, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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SNOW ANGELS by Fern Michaels                     Grace Landry can’t believe she’s stranded in the snow.  The freak storm is not unusual for Colorado at Christmas, but she has too much at stake to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.  As the owner of Hope House, a women’s domestic violence shelter, she knows that Stephanie will be frantic if Grace doesn’t get her two children back to the house quickly.  Suddenly, her idea of taking the two girls to a high school play as a Christmas treat doesn’t feel like such a good plan. 


Trudging toward the lit cabin in the distance seems to be the only way to keep the children safe from the storm.  Waiting out the storm with Max Jorgenson, a former Olympic skier, seems like a good plan.  However, Max’s Grinchlike demeanor does more to scare the children than set their minds at ease.  As Max’s icy demeanor melts in the face of Grace’s warmth and Christmas spirit, he finds himself looking forward to the promise of the future beginning with a Merry Christmas.



As a former Rockette, Kendra Loomis knows how to put on a production.  However, this Christmas, due to her impending pregnancy, Kendra will be watching the annual church Christmas pageant instead of planning it.  As if that’s not enough to depress anyone, her husband’s ex shows up promising the world to Thea, Kendra’s stepdaughter.  This Christmas might just be the rockiest yet with trouble among the parish board of directors keeping Andy working late and Thea refusing to speak to her after Kendra catches her out with a boy when she’s supposed to be with her mother.  To add insult to injury, the further she gets into her pregnancy, the more distant Andy becomes.  As Kendra struggles to salvage something to make this a happy holiday, a little bundle of joy reminds them all about the magic of Christmas.


DECORATIONS by Janna McMahan

Michelle Duncan’s life changes suddenly when her mother is diagnosed with dementia.  When her husband of fifteen years leaves her to deal with her mother, the house and some new worries, Michelle takes drastic measures to change her life.  A new job in a new town starts the ball rolling.  Who knew that working in Season’s Greetings, a Christmas shop, would grant her Christmas wish for a fresh start and a new romance?



After a depressing day on the job, including the overdose of a nineteen-year-old boy, Joe Cody’s Christmas wish list takes a depressing turn.  As a New York City policeman, Joe has seen his share of heartbreak, but he can barely tolerate anything more after this unexpected Christmas Eve.  With the help of his wife Sheila, wishing for a miracle might be just the thing to make this Christmas the joyous occasion Joe needs to regain his faith.


SNOW ANGELS is a heartwarming collection of Christmas stories that will restore your faith in the power of Christmas.  Chase away any holiday blues by grabbing a copy of this book to remind yourself why the holiday season is truly magical.  I recommend SNOW ANGELS for all Christmas lovers, especially those who need a little taste of the joy of Christmas.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: darla

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