Snow Job
By Natasha Smith
Feb 1, 2009 - 7:44:21 PM

Elyce Anderson is concerned with the environment.  She has big dreams of being able to accomplish great things all in the name of saving the environment.  When Karl, the husband she has been separated from, refuses to stop construction on an environmentally unstable piece of land, Elyce threatens to sue.  Karl, also a lawyer, knows he now has his wife where he wants her.  Agreeing to stop work on Elyce’s inlet comes at a price.  All Elyce has to do is agree to attend Karl’s family Christmas vacation as his loving wife.  Elyce reluctantly agrees knowing that deep down in her heart of hearts, she won’t have to pretend to love him at all.

SNOW JOB is a story of appearances and forgiveness.  Elyce and Karl, while separated, are still infatuated with each other.  That much is clear.  However, they are both very stubborn and hardheaded and have unresolved issues between them that continually invaded their marriage and alienated their feelings for each other.  Issues that interfered with their marriage can no longer be avoided, especially since they have been manipulated into spending a vacation together.  It is during this time that they realize their feelings for each other are still strong and the differences that made their marriage not work might not be important anymore.


SNOW JOB made me laugh when Elyce tried to avoid Karl’s vacation with his family but then turned around and made me sweat at the carnality and sensuality of their love scenes.  Delphine Dryden has taken a good plot and turned it into so much more.  SNOW JOB will make you smile and blush as you enjoy every single word and scene.

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