Snow on the Bayou
By Dottie
Aug 26, 2014 - 7:07:26 PM

Growing up on the bayou, Navy SEAL Justin “Cage” LeBlanc, the son of a convict and a druggie, had been the town’s bad boy. For the most part he had been raised by his grandparents. During those rebellious years, he was in love with Emelie, but her father, in cahoots with the judge, forced him out of town, giving him a choice to either leave and join the service or go to jail. Still he wrote her faithfully, even returning for her after basic training only to discover she was already married…to his cousin. So he swore that he would not return until there was snow on the bayou. That was seventeen years ago. Now he is a Navy SEAL with a college degree and is recovering from an injury when Tante Lulu, who has traveled all the way to California, visits him. She lets him know that his grandmother is gravely ill and needs him at home. Arriving, the Navy SEAL, injured from recent maneuvers, discovers that she has lung cancer and the doctor only gives her six months to a year to live. Justin is determined to spend that time with her, even if it means quitting his team. Although he has tried to put Emelie behind him, she is even more beautiful than before and he wants her more than ever.

Emelie Gaudet’s brief marriage ended years ago and she now makes masks in a very successful business with her best friend and she moonlights as a Bourbon Street blues singer. Despite her success, something is missing from her life. She had been devastated when Justin left town and knows that her father, the sheriff, had something to do with it and only recently have they reconciled, although their relationship is tenuous, at best. When she hears that Justin is back in town she wants nothing to do with him, not willing to risk that heartache again. But when he appears at her show one night and walks her home, she cannot deny the red-hot attraction between them.

Justin is determined to make his grandmother’s final days happy ones and with the help of his fellow SEALs, he sets out to make that happen. As he and Emelie spend time together, he finds that his feelings for her have never changed. But can he convince her that he is the one for her?

A fun read, SNOW ON THE BAYOU, the ninth book in award-winning author Sandra Hill’s CAJUN-TANTE LULU series, is a hilarious, yet sexy, contemporary romance that will leave you with a smile on your face. I enjoyed watching Cage and Emelie overcome their misconceptions about the past and rediscover their love for each other. There was definite chemistry between these two as well as a deep love. The secondary characters in this story are an absolute delight. Readers cannot help loving Tante Lulu with her outrageous wardrobe, her St. Jude fixation, as well as her healing powers and heart of gold. Whenever she fixates on a particular couple, it is not long before they each possess a hope chest as she works her magic in bringing them together. As the story unfolds, a terrorist plot which threatens the Mardi Gras festivities has more members of Cage’s team arriving on the scene.

Manipulation, betrayal, Cajun food, Mardi Gras, a terrorist threat, hunky Navy SEALs, tender romance, true love and second chances all combine to give readers an unforgettable story. Over the years, I have enjoyed reading Ms. Hill’s works, especially her Tante Lulu stories. I have looked forward to reading Cage’s story and it was well worth the wait. I consumed this story in one sitting and hated to see it end. Fans of this series will have the added joy of revisiting the characters from the previous books and being treated to another performance of the Cajun People (Tante Lulu’s family). As I wait to see what happens next on the bayou, be sure to pick up a copy of SNOW ON THE BAYOU. All it takes is reading one of her books to make you a Sandra Hill’s fan. This is a story you do not want to miss!

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