By Tracy Marsac
Aug 7, 2006 - 8:45:00 AM

Jonah Masterson decided after finding his fiancée in bed with another man that he needed to get away.  He travels to his family’s cabin in the
Blue Ridge Mountains hoping the solitude will help with his broken engagement as well as his writer's block.  One night he hears what sounds like a car crash outside his cabin and ventures out into the snow to investigate.  He finds an unconscious woman and brings her back to his place.  The weather snows them in and Jonah finds himself with company whether he wants it or not.  As he learns more about Kate Winstead, she seems too good to be true.  Suddenly, his forced company is turning out to be a temptation he can’t resist.

A week spent at a posh spa was what Kate had planned.  Instead, it looks like she’ll be getting a few nights stay in a rustic cabin with a very handsome man.  Kate knows she has no business lusting after Jonah but can’t seem to help herself.  This just might be her chance to spread her wings a bit.  All her life she’s been held under her mother’s thumb and now it’s time to walk on the wild side, time to find out about passion and its all consuming desire…and time to find out about love.


SNOWBOUND is a wonderful book, full of emotional ups and downs.  Romantic nights by the fire, cozy dinners for two, intimate conversations, and snowball fights all make for a great setting as Kate and Jonah fall in love.  Things get complicated as both want more from their brief affair but are hesitant to reach for it because of their respective fears.  Kate and Jonah are changed from the week they spent together and Kate makes some realizations that lend her the strength to turn her life around.   How they finally get what they want is an incredible journey.  Susan Greene’s SNOWBOUND easily holds readers’ attentions with her likeable characters, humor, and happily ever after! 

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