By Jenn L
Dec 6, 2007 - 1:05:39 PM

Sean Trenton lost it all when a devastating diagnosis derailed his dreams of Olympic gold. Resigned to a new fate, he began to rebuild his life. He has a job he loves, and now he has set his sights on ending his dry spell with women. When he meets Robyn Montgomery he finds a woman he wants to know better, now if he can just convince her to give him a chance.

Robyn Montgomery has had it with men looking for the spotlight; her last relationship was one of give and take. She gave and gave and her boyfriend took and took. Now she’s been left in the lurch by said boyfriend. With no one to host the charity auction, she comes home with the hopes of pulling a rabbit out of her hat. She never expected to meet Sean and she most certainly didn’t expect to be so attracted to him. Too bad Sean comes with a big old “off limits” sign.


With a little snow, a little convincing and a lot of heat, Sean and Robyn fight the attraction between them. Sean is playing for keeps, he wants a real chance with Robyn but his secrets may end their chances before they have even begun.


Larissa Ione delivers a novel full of characters that are very likable and real. As each layer of their personalities is revealed, you can’t help but become attached to Sean and Robyn. Woven throughout the book are secondary characters that are just as compelling, and it makes me wonder if we will indeed be revisiting this ski resort town. SNOWOUND is a classic example of romance but underneath there lies the all too real human emotion of healing. As Sean’s story unfolds, you can’t help but begin to fall a little in love with him and that makes SNOWBOUND all the more enjoyable.


From the dedication to the last word, SNOWBOUND is a heartwarming yet extremely sexy tale of second chances. While reading this offering from Ms. Ione, I couldn’t help but feel the deep emotion she must have been experiencing as she wrote this novel. Endearing characters, clever dialogue and sexy encounters make SNOWBOUND one well-rounded story well worth the time invested.

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