Snowfire – Reunion
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 1, 2009 - 7:32:51 AM

After Kassie’s ‘upper class’ boyfriend dumps her for an underdressed tramp she decides to return to her childhood home in Northern Ontario.  It’s located outside of town so it’s the perfect location to lick her wounds and be herself – something she’s kept restrained while dating Gerald William Dwyer.

Alone, Kassie allows her playful side out by creating a naughty snowwoman – and there’s no doubt that her creation is female, it has breasts and other anatomically correct features.  By the time she finishes playing in the snow the cold has definitely seeped into her clothing and left her ready to warm up indoors.  After stirring the coals in the woodstove, shedding her outerwear and curling up with a good book for awhile Kassie falls asleep only to awake much later to discover something extraordinary.  Her snowman’s gained an admirer complete with an impressive appendage and Kassie is definitely ready to find out who built the snowman and if it was built by a man is as well endowed as that snowman. 


From the snowman’s stick hand there’s a sheet of paper welcoming her home and telling her that if she’s interested in taking up where they left off in high school then hang a pair of panties on her snowwoman’s arms.  Without knowing exactly who the sender is, Kassie takes the challenge one step further and adds accessories that should clue the man to what exactly she enjoys. 


She’s surprised when she spies Jimmy Tanner, a techno geek from her graduating class, examining her additions to the snow couple.  They’d shared a fling during high school – until a quarterback asked her to homecoming and she quickly forgot about Jimmy.  He’s definitely changed over the years and exactly the sort of man Kassie likes but he’s about to show her that he’s also the man she needs.


Anne Kane’s REUNION is a fun and sexy short story that will have readers chuckling at the characters’ audacity with the naughty snow people and their playful mannerisms once they come together.  Kassie and Jimmy have spent years apart but they complement each other beautifully – especially when it becomes obvious that their sexual interests are so similar.  Plus Jimmy likes her wild side, something that her ex-boyfriend never appreciated.  Ms. Kane makes going home to lick your wounds absolutely desirable - especially if there’s a man there who treasures you just the way you are.

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