Sofie Metropolis

Author: Tori Carrington

Publisher: Forge Books

Release Date: July 7, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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After catching her intended in a clutch with her maid of honor, in the church before their wedding nonetheless, Sofie Metropolis sets out to change her life.  Sofie quits her job waiting tables in her family's cafes and begins working at her uncle's detective agency.  Her spare time, if you could call it that, is spent attempting to collect rent from the financially challenged tenants in the apartment building that she received as a wedding gift from her family.  When Sofie's detective job requires her to find a missing man thought by some to be a vampire, a missing Jack Russell terrier and attempting to expose a cheating wife, she finds herself hiding from the FBI with a sexy man of mystery, Jake Porter.  Sofie wants Jake to be more than just her own personal protector, but she does not even know and cannot seem to find out, just who he really is.  The expectations of Sofie's family and friends would be the undoing of the average woman.  Sofie, however, seems to thrive on them; using them as fuel to strengthen herself as a woman.

Sofie's unyielding drive and determination is heartening, an endearing quality that everyone in her life come to expect. Jake is, of course, the stuff of every woman's dreams.


The team of Tori Carrington has once again given us an adorable character that is intelligent and strong.  Secondary characters are directly out of everyone's family and neighborhood, cleverly written with incredible imagination and humor.  Readers are made to feel as if they have stepped through the pages and directly into Sofie's life.


This book is chick lit at its best, with sexual references being made, but containing no sex scenes.  The lack of explicitness makes this a book that will appeal to a very broad audience.  Sofie's Greek family is written with such realistic detail that you can picture and hear them in your mind for some time after you put the book down. The quirky Sofie will remain with you also, just like an old friend.  This book is exceptionally written with lovable characters; it is easy to give it an outstanding recommendation.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Laurie

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