Softly at Sunrise: A KGI Novella, Book 5.5
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 13, 2012 - 11:25:20 AM

Rachel Kelly is ready to get back to the business of ‘living’ again.  She’s been through a unique sort of hell that many people would never have been able to survive let alone recover from and despite her husband, Ethan’s concerns she’s tired of tiptoeing through life.  She’s going back to work as a teacher, moving into a new home behind the walls of the Kelly compound and decided to stop taking birth control in the hopes of conceiving a child.  The one huge thing that hasn’t changed in her life is her love for Ethan.


Ethan’s fears for Rachel are completely justified.  After all, he spent a full year believing that she was dead only to learn that she’d been held prisoner and drugged in unbelievable circumstances.  Her desire to return to work and excitement over their move is confusing because the home they shared since their marriage was their ‘dream home.’  He’d kept everything exactly the way she designed it originally.  He doesn’t understand why she desires such a radical change, but he’ll do anything to make her happy.


Ethan views the home they’ve always shared as a refuge.  It’s the place they’d lovingly designed together and represents many happy memories to him.  For Rachel it’s the scene of many unhappy memories, many of which she cannot remember but when she does the emotional pain inflicted is just as bad as when it originally occurred.  The new home won’t have any of the old painful memories and will give their marriage a fresh start.  The life altering news doesn’t have anything to do with the new house or Rachel’s returning to work, it’s the unexpected surprise that the decision to try to have a baby has already yielded results. 


If you’re like so many other Maya Banks fans who read THE DARKEST HOUR and hungered to learn more about what happens to Rachel and Ethan in the future then you have to pick up a copy of SOFTLY AT SUNRISE.  I remember this couple fondly and my heart broke for everything they’d been through but I really hoped that they could get past it.  Ms. Banks came through with the ‘happily-ever-after’ I wanted.  Like any other couple there are misunderstandings and communication issues and there are obviously residual difficulties from their past which they’re working hard to get past but the strength of their love for each other shines through in this story.  What really surprised (and thrilled) me is the strength of will Rachel possesses.  I don’t want to give away the spoiler but suffice it to say she’s one brave woman who doesn’t lose her head in a crisis situation.   She fits right in with the other members of the Kelly family who have all shown their mettle throughout the KGI series.


If you haven’t already succumbed to the allure of the KGI books then I’m shocked but definitely encourage you to give them a try.  You won’t regret it.  In order they are:





SOFTLY AT SUNRISE (only available in e-book format in August 2012)

and releasing January 2013… SHADES OF GRAY (which will also contain SOFTLY AT SUNRISE in print)


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