Sold to the Highest Bidder
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 29, 2013 - 2:39:28 PM

It’s been twelve long years since Ella’s stepped foot in Backwards Gulch, Colorado – and she wouldn’t be there now if it wasn’t for a story that would help land her a better job.  What she didn’t know was that the story she’s been assigned is a bachelor auction with the proceeds going to help fund chemo treatment for one of the town’s citizens – and one of the men being auctioned off is her very own husband Devin.

Ella figures she’ll get her story and then worry about hunting down her husband and finally get his signature on the dotted line so their farce of a marriage would be over.  However, seeing him on the auction block gives her a different idea.  If she bids on him and wins she can bargain with him and as a reward for signing the divorce papers she’ll grant him a reprieve.  He won’t have to spend forty-eight hours in her company – however, maybe that’s exactly what Devin wants because he has no intention of signing his name to anything – and as far as he’s concerned Ella’s bought his services for the next two days.  If at the end of that time period she still wants a divorce then he’ll sign.


Devin makes no apologies for being furious with Ella for leaving him like she did.  She just walked out and went on with her life as if their marriage had never happened.  That doesn’t change the fact that he still loves her – and is about to attempt to pull off a ruse that she’d never see coming.  He’s not the same man he was twelve years ago, and she’s definitely not the same either but the passion between them has never faded.  For an entire weekend, they’ll have the opportunity to explore what they once shared and threw away before going their separate ways.


SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER reminds me of the movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ starring Reese Witherspoon with the couple married too young and lives heading in different directions, but that’s where the similarity ends.  The love Devin and Ella still share is evident but the years apart have resulted in some serious misunderstanding and plenty of heartache all of which could have been avoided with a little bit of communication.  I really love how Ella thought she was getting ‘one up’ on Devin by buying him in the auction – and how he turned the tables on her by insisting she honor the terms of the auction.  Donna Alward hits it out of the park with this emotionally driven storyline that’s as fun to read as it is inspiring.  While I don’t want to give anything away, one of the most stunning revelations in this storyline comes about because of the original story that Ella was sent to Backwards Gulch to cover – though it’s not exactly what she would have ever expected. 

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