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Mar 3, 2009 - 12:46:05 PM

Soldier has been on the outskirts of society for so long he has almost forgotten what the feel of human kindness and touch is like. Battle scarred and bone weary he decides to investigate his properties; he finds one of them in use and a whole lot of mystery surrounding the occupant of the house. When he delves into who has been getting up to what on his property, he finds himself caught up in the lives of seven expectant faces and one man whom he wants to be with more than anything else.

Dillon is living a secretive live with his little band of boys; he keeps his head low, causes no problem and above all else ensures his charges are kept under the radar. When he appears to have a watcher, he tosses it off as a fluke, however when watcher turns savior - he follows his gut and faces the challenge head on. He and his boys get more than a surprise as their mystery person is a watcher and a savior and he is just what these eight people needs.


AKM Miles strikes again, this is my third book by this author and I have yet to be disappointed by any. SOLDIER is the latest addition in this author’s growing repertoire of books.


Soldier is at a phase of his life where he had given up; he just gets on with his day and makes the best of what life has thrown at him. Surprise for him comes in a package that is wrapped up in Dillon and a houseful of boys. For the first time in a long time, he get a satisfaction out of life and he is touching distance from having it all and - he aims to have it all.


Dillon is not only beautiful outside but just as beautiful on the inside and it shows in everything he touches and his every action. Doing his utmost to protect the charges he is responsible for leaves him little time to think of himself, so when he is able to have his cake and eat it too, he ponders if he is brave enough to take the steps necessary to make them all happy.


There is tremendous heartbreak, clinging desperation and huge doses of reality that will have you breaking out in shivers; however there is so much hope, so much giving, so much more loving than any of these people had ever known or expected to find in their life, that makes SOLDIER a richer read.


I love this book and I have done a re-read – already. AKM Miles is not only becoming one of my favorite authors, but with a story line that drags you into the pits of despair and comes full circle, to give her characters a life that is truer and fuller, just from the fact they met at the right time in their life.


My hat’s off to the author, AKM Miles has a way with words that will have you looking forward to the next AKM Miles production.

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